AfroMax Electronics Trading, established in 2012 has earned a reputation of the most well equipped store for all consumer electronics and luxury products at competitive pricing with the added benefit of a customer friendly environment. We strive to provide the latest technology and luxury brands at affordable prices to all our customers. Our core competency is our customer relationship. We have built a trust with our everyday consumer, which has provided us with regular business over the years. AfroMax Electronics Trading is now known as the one stop shop for all. We are retailels for consumer electronics, mobile communications, networking and security solutions from brands around the world.


AFROHEALTH was previously a department in Afrotech that was established 2007, which itself is a subsidiary of Ashraf group. The medical department has since been through exceptional growth and improvement hence the detachment into a separate subsidiary. AfroHealth departments comprise of medical equipment, paramedical, telemedicine and engineering services.


AFROMONEY is a subsidiary of Ashrafcom group. Afromoney is pioneer in payment technology, transaction processing, offering business value in the area of electronic payment and financial transaction processing solutions and services. Afromoney was previously E-money department under AfroTech company, then later developed to be Afromoney. The company earned the status of being a payment systems leader through combination of established portfolio of technology solutions, and 7 years of experience in the payment domain.


Based on today's technology and applications, high-speed broadband is defined as a high capacity, two-way link between end user and access network suppliers capable of supporting full-motion interactive video applications. A minimum symmetrical speed of 2 megabits per second per individual user is currently required to support these applications. New applications such as peer-to-peer file interactions and video conferencing will increase individual user demand for symmetric bandwidth in the 4-to-6 Mbps range.


AFROMAP provides the people, equipment, expertise and technology that support the exploration, development, production and transportation of the world's natural resources. AFROMAP also provides its clients with the technical data and information required to design, construct and maintain structures and infrastructure in a safe, reliable and efficient manner. Sen/ices are mostly provided locally and are supported by a global knowledge base and re- source pool of experienced personnel. The services are often offered in combination in order to achieve the optimum results for the clients.


Corporate Information Technology Solutions, trading as Afrosoft is an IT firm instituted to provide total end-to~end IT Solutions. AfroSoft provides enterprise-corporate planning software solutions. We identify companies‘ planning needs and work with a third~party manufacturer to create software to address these needs. Although the actual software is produced out-of-house, we guarantee the customer the right solution.


AFROTECH was born as a future solutions for Security Systems. The company was found with a paid-up capital of One Million US Dollars ($1,000,000). As competition increases, AfroTech remains to be a pioneer in the fields of security in Sudan and became a valuable ally in the design and supply of key components for infrastructures projects and general distribution since it designs, implements, installs and provides services of various solutions. lnstigating the cutting edge technologies. AfroTech has delivered complex and integrated solution/s, Ito Corporate, Military and Governmentclierits.